Save Your Home Business Money – Hire a Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant? VA networking Association describes a VA as a highly trained business support services person who can help working from their own home office with phone, fax, internet based technology and support to meet the growing needs of business worldwide.By hiring a VA you do not have to provide an office, computer, equipment, software or pay sick benefits, health insurance or provide any extra perks you would normally pay an employee. The private contractor provides their own office, computer, software, office supplies, copier, etc., and looks after their own health insurance.The hourly rate is much higher for the VA then a regular office employee but if you factor in that you are only being charged for actual work done your costs will be greatly reduced from having a regular employee. Most VA’s bill their clients in 5, 10, 15 minute increments and you only pay for actual time they worked on your project.A VA is a new concept but companies do not utilize them enough, one of the major complaints from the VA Networking Association. VA personnel can take care of your correspondence, payroll, accounts receivable, can organize training events for your staff, take care of your office supply needs by putting in orders on a monthly basis. Any task that regular office people do can be done almost completely by a VA, except the fetching of the dalily donuts and fresh coffee for the boss.Companies simply have to educate themselves on how they can best utilize the services of the Virtual Assistant. Wonderful business service people are just a phone call or email away, it is highly feasible.VA’s are much more task specific, can do a better job from the home office in most cases then temp services. Temp services usually work their people for minimum wage and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Virtual Assistants will work around the clock on special company projects that have an individual time line to finish by. They can focus entirely on the task at hand and not be distracted by daily interruptions that occur far to often during a work day. VA’s are the future of the business world, will save your company money, do a better job, and give polish to your work that needs to be done. Keep your business in the home and the Virtual Assistant will do the job most company employees are not focused enough to do.

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