Firewalls, Protecting Your Laptop Against Intruders – How to Use Them, Pros and Cons

Protecting laptops from unsolicited intruders is one of the chief concerns among all users. Whether you use your machine for official work or for personal usage, various threats of the virtual world can cause irreversible damage to laptops. The threat of electronic access to your laptop network system without your knowledge is perhaps the worst possible danger faced by users. The development of the firewall is one of the main solution counter this threat to personal as well as official laptops from unsolicited intrusions.The firewall software is in short a collection of measures to upgrade the security of the laptops. The device is configured in such a way as to accept, reject, encrypt, decrypt or proxy traffic movement between computer networks with varying security domains. The operation of this security system depends on the rules and criteria set by the user of the laptops. The private network connecting laptops is thus protected from unauthorized external access and your data is safe.The firewall device can be used in either the software or the hardware of laptops; they can also be implemented in both of these. This security measure protects private networks of laptops from unauthorized access by Internet users. The messages to and from your laptop undergo a security scan . If the message is incapable of meeting the standards set by the user, they are prevented from being delivered. This helps to protect laptops from unsolicited messages.Firewalls are one of the necessary security measures that ensure the protection of laptops from external threats. Different techniques are used for keeping computer network safe. These include packet filters, which examines all packets sent or received by the network. Security measures are also set at the same time of the UDP or TDP connection in the laptops. The application gateway is set up for the specific applications on your laptop. Use of proxy server is also part of the setup available for your laptops.Installation of these programs in laptops can be done if you are well aware of the technical aspect of computers. Certain websites offer free downloads, while some are available for a free trial period, you can also avail them for a particular charge. However, while installing these programs in laptops you need to configure the whole system. Once installed, they work according to the rules set by the user, so you need to decide on what security mechanisms you are going to apply to the laptops.The chief advantage of using firewall in laptops is the enhanced security that it offers. This device prevents access to the computer network by unsolicited users. The laptops are thus safe from outside threats. The installation of these security measures in laptops helps you to protect them from intruders. However, these programs have their share of disadvantages as well. For example, the packet filter has the risk of IP spoofing while the application gateway has the chance of degrading the performance of the laptops. However, overall it is strongly advisable that you install such programs in laptops to keep data safe from external threats.

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