Does Your Business Have Enough Bandwidth?

Lacking bandwidth in your business is more than just annoying; it can minimize employee productivity and cost you money in the process. Inadequate bandwidth reduces your Internet speed to a crawl, making navigating the web a time-consuming process filled with inconveniences such as timeouts and errors.If these frustrations sound familiar to you, it’s time to consider expanding your bandwidth to eliminate data bottlenecks and get your business back to moving at high speed. But how do you know if you have enough bandwidth?Symptoms of Inadequate BandwidthChances are that you’ve experienced bandwidth deficiency sometime in the recent past. If you are dealing with inadequate bandwidth, the following symptoms may ring a bell with you and your employees:Frequent timeouts on web pages
Slower than normal website downloads
Poor voice quality when using VOIP or SIP services
Frequent connection error messages
Staggered views of web pages as they downloadBeginning to suspect that your organization may be lacking in the bandwidth department? Instead of resigning yourself to having to wait for your Internet to catch up, or finding workarounds to make up for the slow speeds, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically accelerate your Internet speed. Keep reading to find out how increasing your bandwidth can be surprisingly affordable.How to Affordably Increase Your BandwidthBoosting your bandwidth is possible with little to no increase in what you’re currently paying for Internet services. Internet access costs have plummeted so much in the past year that you may be able to double your Internet speed for around what you are spending now.The first step you should take is to learn how much bandwidth you really use. You can accomplish this by having a telecom management company obtain a report on your bandwidth usage from your Internet provider. The report will give you a clear-cut picture of how much bandwidth your organization uses and how much you actually need.Next, you’ll want to gather up-to-date pricing quotes from your existing provider and several competitors. A telecommunications management company can mange this process for you by providing a telecom audit and analysis for your business. It’s likely that you’ll find a significantly better deal than you are currently getting. While you’re exploring your service provider options, you can also learn about the several different types of business data services that might better fit your bandwidth needs. These options include:Data Transfer/Fiber Optics
Private Line Connections (WAN)
Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)
Metropolitan Optical Ethernet
MPLS & VPN Services
High Speed Internet
Data Center & Co-LocationBy increasing your bandwidth, you will spark a surge in productivity, decrease frustration among employees and help your bottom line. To get a bandwidth report from your current provider and learn about your other bandwidth-increasing, money-saving options, find a Denver telecommunications management company who can help you with a telecommunications audit & analysis.

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