CCIE Voice: Things You Need To Know

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It is considered as the topmost certification of Cisco in the field of technical networking. Also, it is deliberated as the most impressive networking certificate that is established worldwide. Having a CCIE certification indicates the network engineer is familiar with and competent to handle Cisco solutions and products. CCIE experts are acknowledged to have advanced skills and mastery in the field of network engineering. Cisco leads the networking industry to push further for deeper systematic networking information.Another network specialization track inside the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Certification is the Voice, an enterprise environment for VoIP, or Voice-over-IP. CCIE Voice focuses on voice solutions that are dedicated to aid an enterprise and covers subjects like MGCP, QoS, VoIP PaBX (Cisco), Unity Express, IP Contact Center Express and Cisco’s Unified Messaging Platform (Cisco Unity). Technological advancements are foreseen to be geared up toward this field, promising to offer more rewarding careers and specialization options. You can easily level up your career by getting a CCIE Voice certification.CCIE Voice experts have the technical networking knowledge and skill to create and figure out interconnected telephony grids. Also, they are expected to skillfully handle VoIP-related problems and proficiently use both layer 2 and 3 of the network setup to ensure quality service. The voice certification contains more focused subjects, making it one of the hardest challenges in the technical networking industry today. Successful in getting a certification denotes you have the right set of skills to assist both medium and large enterprises to dramatically amplify business processes, accelerate productivity and hasten improvement.Recently, CCIE written and lab examinations have been updated with fresh questions that include VPN and MPLS networking. The written exam now covers new situation-based problems where you are required to answer every problem prior to moving on to the next one, and the lab exam now necessitates you to do actual configuration and troubleshooting of pre-constructed networks. The duration of the examination is still two hours for the written exam and eight hours for the lab exam. A charge of $350 for written exam and $1400 for lab exam are still in effect.Getting your hands on a comprehensive CCIE Voice workbook is an excellent way of preparing for the CCIE lab examination. A CCIE voice workbook is a tool painstakingly designed to help you in your preparation. In a workbook, CCIE tasks and solutions are discussed in details with corresponding tips to walk you through tough lab scenarios. CCIE voice lab examination is not easy, but an excellent preparation can dramatically help you achieve that elusive CCIE certification.

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